$18 on the Eighteenth

Way out here on the beautiful East End of Long Island, restaurants are pricey.

Today only, there’s a great deal in town: $18 for a fish & chips dinner that includes sides and dessert at St. Agnes’ RC Church in Greenport.

photo credit Fareham Traditional Fish & Chips

At Noah’s, a fish & chips costs $24. At O’Malley’s, it’s $19.95. At Claudio’s, you can’t get anything seafoodish for under $25–and that’s before tax & tip.

This is a deal, folks. A deal.

Let me tell you what, tourists. If you want to experience some of what really makes this small town great, go off the beaten track and attend a benefit dinner like this. The food is good, inexpensive, and the atmosphere is family friendly.
All proceeds from the fish & chips dinner benefit Robert L. Perry daycare–the only daycare east of Mattituck. Due to austerity measures, it has lost all its state funding. Our community needs this place to stay open.So come on. Who doesn’t love fish & chips, sides and dessert, for $18, that benefits kids besides?It’s in the Parish Hall, 6th Street off Route 25 [Front St.], Greenport, from 3:30-7:30. Eat in or takeaway.


Not exactly where the Parish Hall is, but close-ish. (it’s between Rt 25. & Wiggins, on 6th. Follow the fragrance of fresh-fried fish.






One thought on “$18 on the Eighteenth

  1. Man, you folks spend a lot of money on fish and chips! I can get fresh cod battered and fried with chips and sides for about half that here. Not to brag of course. We are quite willing to share with those willing to travel three thousand miles from Long Island to give it a try!

    Your dinner sounds like a good deal, though, seeing as how it’s for charity. Hope it’s a rousing success!


    P.S. New guest piece up at Nick McDonald’s place. Hope you get a chance to check it out: http://theradicaljourney.com/2012/05/18/only-kill-the-bad-man/

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