A Good Jewy (but Interfaith) Foodie-ish Family Blog

My mom’s hands holding one of our favorite Jewy meals…

My buddy Ellen Painter Dollar introduced me to Catherine Newman, whose writing I just love. She’s hilariously funny and irreverent, and she writes about family and food and justice and she’s Jewish and has the same birthday as my son and she laughs and snorts about the ridiculousness of online writing and commenting with the self-assurance and humor I hope to have someday.

Plus, she writes for Brain, Child, a magazine I looove, wrote a book that made me laugh out loud, and her recipes are awesomely awesome.

She says things like:

“Somewhere online is a newspaper article where I am quoted talking about those very same leftovers, and I sound like a finalist in the World’s Biggest Jew contest. “Better you should. . . ” I start every sentence. “You don’t know from . . . ?” I ask. “Oy,” I say.”

…and one of my hands holding another of our favorite Jewy meals.

And she created her own peppermint patty recipe.

Check her blog out here!

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