My Flip-Flopping Reactions to Affirmation in Gifs

So yesterday I found out that my book, Eat With Joy: Redeeming God’s Gift of Food, won the Christianity Today Book Award in the category of Christian Living.

I never seem to take things in just one way.

One part of me does this:

…and tries to brush it off as no big deal.

But then the other part of me is busy doing this:

And then somewhere in between the skepticism and the overenthusiasm is when I start to feel very Mr. Rogers-y. Because I feel like I just want to thank everyone who has loved me for being me, encouraged me when I was discouraged, insisted that my words and thoughts had meaning, and urged me to press on with hope and confidence.

Friends, family, editors, publicists: you know who you are. Thank you.



7 thoughts on “My Flip-Flopping Reactions to Affirmation in Gifs

  1. I really enjoyed these clups and your thoughts! I can so relate to being thankful when someone takes an interest in your words and rewards you for that…it helps you feel confident you are in the right place. Also, the new Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood is Daniel The Tiger ( based off of nr. Roger’s ) and it has a song in it: I like you, I like you, I like you just the wayyou are. It’s my favorite episode and so cute for kids. My daughter sings this now!

  2. Congratulations! I completely agree with Christianity Today: your book was my favorite read of the year! Celebrating with you…in the #2 and #3 versions.

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