How Eating With the Seasons Teaches Gratitude…

How Eating With the Seasons Teaches Gratitude…

One of the things I love about gardening (and eating in season) is that it shifts your focus from what you WANT to what you HAVE.

potatoes, purple and yellow, dug just before dinner

Instead of saying, “Hmn, what do I feel like eating?”, you say, “What do we have? What’s ripe and ready?” and you build your meal around that. And that–as Barbara Kingsolver suggested in this interview–turns everyday eating into a practice of gratitude.

Rather than starting with what I want, I start with what’s actually here.

beautiful heirloom tomatoes: Riesentraubes, Gold Medals, and Amish Pastes

And that’s a pretty beautiful place to be.

(Though I’m sorta getting tired of fresh tomatoes. Which is fine, because they make good tomato sauce.)

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  1. Eating with the season really does bring me to focus on God’s bounty, rachel. A few weeks ago I went to lunch with a friend, and since it was a warm day I asked if they had their gazpacho that day. The manager said no, that tomatoes weren’t in yet and I’d have to come back in a couple weeks. I love the bonuses of eating at a restaurant that relies on local produce and doesn’t serve something just because they can get the ingredients from the store.

    Does your family like gazpacho? That’s one way to go through a bunch of tomatoes quickly!


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