President Obama’s Nazi Lunch Inspectors Confiscate Child’s Lunch

Did you hear about the girl whose lunch was confiscated and whose mother was forced to pay for a school lunch of chicken nuggets that met government school lunch guidelines instead?

I did, and I was properly outraged until I came across this blog post suggesting that what actually happened was merely this:

“A child brought her lunch to school. The lunch consisted of a turkey and cheese sandwich on white whole wheat bread, a banana, potato chips and apple juice. Someone decided the lunch wasn’t up to snuff and gave her a school lunch in addition. Reports say she ate three nuggets from the school lunch, threw the rest away, and took her packed lunch home.”

 And, yeah, that shouldn’t have happened. But neither, says Robin Shreeves, sustainable food mom blogger, should it have incited such sensationalism:

“This sensationalism over one incident hurts the discussions and changes that are happening. It makes some people who are wary of government intervention even more wary and closes their minds to dealing with the real issues. It doesn’t even look like it was government intervention. And, even if it turns out that the one person who made the decision to give the girl a school lunch did work for the government, it’s still not intervention based on any government guidelines or laws. It’s one misguided employee’s judgment.”

What’s your take? I find the “outrage” mode that seems always to be on (and in which I more-than-occasionally indulge) to be very tiring. But I don’t like the thought of schools having the right to rifle through lunches. But then again, I feel for students who lack parents who know/care enough to make a reasonably healthy sack lunch. I feel that nutrition standards in school have a place. I don’t know.

What say you, gentle reader?

 {Have a beautiful weekend! See you Monday!}