Awaken Your Senses (And Have Some Cake)

Photo credit: (Mine looked similar; can't find the picture...)

I have a new post at the Christianity Today women’s blog on Beth Booram and J. Brent Bill’s new IVP book, Awaken Your Senses.

The post starts out talking about empty tomb cakes, which I first learned about from my very creative friend Emily:

This, year, as last, I’ll make an empty tomb cake for my Sunday school class of 4- to 6-year-olds. I’ll bake one small square cake for the base, and one small dome-shaped cake for the tomb. I’ll frost both with sand-colored frosting, perhaps scatter raw sugar for a sandier appearance, and carve out a hollow in the dome’s side. Candy-coated chocolate rocks will accent the ground. A large plain cookie will become the rolled-away boulder, guarded by a tiny wooden angel. Two wooden women will approach the empty tomb. We’ll look quietly at the cake for a while; we’ll tell the story, and we’ll eat the cake.

And goes on to talk about how Awaken Your Senses encourages Christians to slow down, to live fully in the bodies we’ve been given, and to experience the wonder of God with more than just the left sides of our brains.

Read it all here!