Ten (More) Reasons Why You (Or Someone You Know) Might Like To Read This Book.

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Here’s my dad, reading my book.

He liked it lots. Of course he did. He’s my dad. He’s very supportive and loving.

But he’s also a voracious reader, and brutally honest. He doesn’t ‘do’ false praise. So if he likes it, it means something.

Last week I posted ten reasons why you or someone you know might like to read my book. Here are ten more.

You or someone you know might like to read this book if:

10.  You really, really enjoy eating.

9.    You really, really wish that you could relax and enjoy eating.

8.    You worry about the cultural messages that your children are receiving surrounding food and bodies.

7.     You’d like to teach your children that their bodies, and their food, are gifts from God.

6.     You’d like to be reminded that YOUR body, and your food are gifts from God.

5.     You wonder if the Christian obligation to “feed the hungry” applies in a fast-food culture.

4.     You feel frustrated by the “all or nothing,” legalistic approach of many approaches to diet/health/life (!)

3.     You like the Bible, but are tired of seeing it used to defend one single way of eating/living.

2.     You don’t like the Bible, but are willing to read a person who does (most of the time.)

1.     You’re looking for a discussion-facilitating book perfect for book clubs, adult Sunday School, or Bible studies.

If you’ve read the book, please consider posting an Amazon.com review. If you’re thinking of buying it, please consider buying it through Hearts & Minds Books. And if you think someone you know might like to know about this book, please consider sharing this post. Those little clicks really do help get the word out, and I am grateful for each one.

(And, yes, I do resemble my dad. We even have coordinating geek glasses.)