Pre-order ‘Eat With Joy’ at a Surprisingly Low Price!

My book is coming out very soon! And right now, it’s price on is nearly 50% off list price. If you pre-order, you’ll get the book for $8.49 and your credit card won’t be charged until it ships. (Of course, you can always purchase the book through the IVP website, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookseller; if you’re lucky enough to have one, try to keep them in business!)


Meanwhile, here’s what people are saying about the book:

Eat with Joy is delicious! Generous, wise, well-reported and–yes–joyful, Rachel Marie Stone’s book will open your hands so that you may receive the good gifts of God. She had me long before even mentioning saag paneer, Babette’s Feast or the recipe for cinnamon rolls.” (Jennifer Grant, author of Love You More and MOMumental)

“In this food-focused age, reading about food can be a lot like eating it: fraught with anxiety, confusion, excess and even emptiness. Rachel Marie Stone is here to restore what God intended from the first–real joy. You’ll find much wisdom and celebration in its pages, including recipes and simple family-tested ways of living and eating more joyfully right now. Make ready the feast!” (Leslie Leyland Fields, editor of The Spirit of Food )

“When Irma Rombauer published The Joy of Cooking she couldn’t have imagined we’d need to learn to eat with joy eighty years later. But we do. Stone offers the backstory of our current food woes and dilemmas along with hopeful and redemptive responses. And all the while she invites us toward a practical, joyful celebration of just, good food.” (Lisa Graham McMinn, author of Walking Gently on the Earth and Dirt and the Good Life )