A Picture is Worth a 900-word Blog Post: Food Is Not The Enemy

My dad illustrates a monthly column in a local magazine. A recent column dealt with the topic of food, arguing that food is not a foe, a message I heartily agree with (of course.)

When my dad sent me the picture, I couldn’t help but notice its resemblance to high-school age me, attitude and all:

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 9.08.30 PM

So I wrote to my dad: “Hey–is this high-school me?”

He said:

“I didn’t set out to draw you, but in drawing for this particular subject I couldn’t help but think of you, and so this is what happened…”

Has food been more foe than friend to you?

How have you come to see food as something other than the enemy?

8 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a 900-word Blog Post: Food Is Not The Enemy

  1. Great picture! Your father is very talented.

    As a former anorexic/bulimic, yes, I have considered food as an “enemy” in the past. I measured how “good” or “bad” I was by how much or what I had consumed that day. It’s been years now, and I’ve managed to change my mindset regarding food for the most part. It took a combination of things to bring me to a place of peace regarding food.
    1) God, who allowed circumstances to break me until I had nothing but Him left, and then restored me.
    2) A good nutritionist, who taught me how to eat a balanced diet and that vegetables are actually delicious.
    3) medicine, to help with the chemical imbalances in my brain (I’m bipolar, and my mental instability contributed to the eating disorder)
    4) exercise, particularly weight-lifting and running, and educating myself about both of these, which got me to marvel at the wonder that is our bodies: all those muscles and cells and everything that NEEDS food to grow and stretch and do what God designed them to do.

  2. I’ve certainly had battles with food. You might eventually see a blog post about the night a friend and I finished off two pounds of Toblerone and a bottle of cream sherry; let’s just say my stomach rebelled. In the main, though, I’ve always looked on food as my friend, and the joy of eating it is truly one of God’s blessings. Then again, you know how I feel about my taste buds, Rachel!

  3. Nope, food is not the enemy, for me food is that annoying, co-dependant friend that you just can’t get rid of! See my post today about donuts…

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