Sustainable Traditions

I’m really grateful to share another great review of my book over at Sustainable Traditions!

They also made a pretty picture you can share if you pin things (which I don’t):

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 1.44.14 PM


Here’s a taste:

“Maybe I am biased because I fall into the “christian foodie” camp but I genuinely recommend ‘Eat With Joy‘ for anyone struggling with how food relates to an embodied, holistic Christian faith. It is a wealth of insight for those of us trapped in the cycle of fad diets, those of us struggling with obsessive eating disorders and unhealthy eating patterns, those of us who are new to thinking of food as health and our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit, and any of us looking to develop a more robust theological perspective on why food matters to the Christian community. And of course, as all good meals deserve, this is a book to be read and shared together.
{Read the rest here.}

2 thoughts on “Sustainable Traditions

  1. Eat with Joy written by Rachel Marie Stone was the best written book I have ever come across. Who ever buys this book will find its worth reading and keeping forever. It is a book that can be read over and over again and each time you will be uplifted because she has a very nice way of writting and she adds a bit of humor along with it.

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