If You *really* Love Jesus, CLICK and SHARE!!! (and other abominations)

One of my favorite comments from yesterday’s post:

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 12.21.10 PMAmen, sister. I think these are even more annoying than those “Just checking to see if you will even read this…if you are reading it, comment and then copy this exactly and paste as your status update. 95% of you will ignore this. Just trying to see who my real friends are.” Sniff. Sob. Poor me!

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 7.45.04 PMNote how even Jesus looks sort of sad, like, “Please show me that you love me by reposting this inane meme that portrays me as a sad-eyed long-haired white guy?”

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 6.12.16 PM

Can we agree that these Jesus chain-letter type “repost/like/share if you REALLY love Jesus” things are just silly?

So speaketh my dad and I:


Are there other uses that Christians make of social media that strike you as all wrong? What are they?

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5 thoughts on “If You *really* Love Jesus, CLICK and SHARE!!! (and other abominations)

  1. I heartily agreed with Polly’s pointed (and funny!) comment yesterday. For me one of the best things about social media is that my email is no longer cluttered with this sort of stuff. I used to be deluged with “pass this on otherwise we’ll all know you’re a cold-hearted heretical un-American” messages; now they’re all on FB.

  2. A few that come to mind:
    – Posting about dating Jesus (or similar sentiments)
    – Shallow and flippant facebook status/tweet length responses to ethical and theological issues that are entirely too complicated to be dealt with without a great deal of thought, nuance and grace.
    – Statements that use lots of religious sounding words but don’t cite any scripture or even seem to connect much with biblical teaching eg. Jesus wants to anoint you with a supernatural anointing of breakthrough so you can fulfil your destiny by walking in righteous kingdom authority! (not an actual tweet, but roughly like how some people I know tweet.
    – Long strings of completely decontextualised quotes/comments from a Christian conference they are at. It can be really interesting to read about a few of the main things people are learning, but when your news feed gets filled with dozens of quotes and comments that make no sense if you aren’t there it gets annoying.

    • Yeah, I just love those non- or quasi- scriptural spiritual word salads. Presumably they’re trying to be deep, but to these veteran ears it sometimes sounds more like a tab or two of acid.

      Not to put too fine a point on it.

  3. Political pictures or memes get me every time. I never see them from anyone else except my uber conservative Christian friends (although I’m not saying no one else posts those things,I just don’t see them).

    It also irks me when people post passive aggressive Christian memes about modesty, purity, etc. — they won’t come right out and say what they believe, but they’ll certainly share a bunch of pictures that make it perfectly clear! The passive aggressive posts get me, too. For example, one woman posted, “Say it with me, leggings are not pants..leggings are not pants…”


    LOVE this post, btw! Way to bring those passive aggressive tendencies out in the open.

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