The Best Pizza in the World Is Still the Best.

Improbably enough, there is an excellent Italian restaurant in Zomba, but they don’t serve pizza. I did, however, discuss pizza with the owner, not in order to demand that he make it but in order to get in my point, which is that a truly great NY slice of pizza can hold its head up among all the pizza in Italy and the world over. He didn’t quite agree—he thought that there were perhaps one or two establishments in all of New York City that could be said to serve a decent pizza, and seemed to think that New York pizza is too often covered with too many toppings (no! no! that’s California!)—but I dropped the point before insisting that the pizza in my own small hometown of Greenport can, in fact, hold its head high over all the pizza I’ve ever had in New York City or, for that matter, anywhere in the world. I once asserted this belief in order to get rid of a young Italian man who was flirting with me at the pool in Germany, and it worked. So just bear that in mind as a helpful hint should you need to make yourself seem odious to an Italian, or should you wish not to do so.


{here are the praises I’ve sung to Brick Oven in the past.}

7 thoughts on “The Best Pizza in the World Is Still the Best.

  1. I remember yoru ode to pizza, Rachel. We have an outstanding pizza here too, although it is Not New York style. it’s not chicago or California style either. It’s not even Italian. It’s at a Greek resturant. The crust is slightly bread-like, and our favorite is the spanikotiropizza. Spinach and three cheeses, the third of which is a ton of feta all over the top. Come to california and it will be our treat. You may not like it as well as the Pride of Greenport, but I bet you’ll love it anyway.

  2. But Pagano’s (now in Greenport AND Southold) does GF. Fugghedaboudit!

    In my Noo Yawk yout the big 3 in the neighborhood were Vito’s, Giunta, and Gloria. We didn’t identify ourselves as Jews, Catholics or Protestants; we did so by which pizza we held to be the best. I was a Vito’s person, from a family of Vito’s people, whereas your mother was Giunta all the way. I guess you could call it a mixed marriage of sorts…

    While in the USAF we were exposed to a lot of genuine Italian pizza, which we (TC from Brooklyn, Sal from the Bronx, Bobby from South Philly and Yours Truly) didn’t like. It may have been Italian, but to us it wasn’t “authentic.”

    As for the approximations of pizza we encountered on base courtesy of the AAFES (Army and Air Force Exchange Service), and what was to be had in the frozen plains of ND, well, as Airman DiDonato said of the Chinese food in ND, it was, “..HARRIBUL! But dat’s OK, Deah, we’eh yoosta eatin’ gahbige at da base!”

    Working-class New York food snobbery at it’s best!

    1. If you want some food snobbery west coast style, spend some time with a native San Francsican. Yours truly at your service!

      1. Greek sounds good. I’m always up for Greek food.

        The original post mentions the proper folding of a NY pizza slice, which brings to mind (at least for my generation) the classic image of John Travolta, as Tony Manero, wolfing down 3 slices stacked while walking down 86th Street in Bay Ridge.

        Now there’s a slice (bad pun totally intended) of vintage Americana for you!

      2. We’re having the spanikotiropizza tonight! I’ll think of all of you with every bite of every piece (not slice!).

  3. I think Tony actually only had 2 slices folded together. Also, in other places, they don’t call it a ‘slice.’ As far as I know, it’s a ‘slice’ in NY; a ‘piece’ other places.

  4. Yeah, maybe it was two. I haven’t seen the film in years! Classic scene, though.

    That’s interesting about the terminology. I don’t recall ever hearing– or noticing– other words being used elsewhere. But then again I’ve been GF for so long that pizza is off my radar. Except for Pagano’s, and of course our various homemade efforts. Udi’s makes some frozen GF pizzas that are surprisingly good for something ready made in a box. And they stock them at the local IGA, which is great.

    How about writing a post on the world of GF? It certainly has changed a lot in the last decade.

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