Eat With Joy And Justice

Do you know PRISM magazine? You should! It’s published by Evangelicals for Social Action, and the latest issue is all about FOOD JUSTICE. Check it out!

And while you’re there I’d like to share that the ESA website has a new review of my book, Eat With Joy.

Here’s some of what Nicole Morgan wrote:

“As someone who has long been interested in the often volatile relationship humans have with food and the way it impacts how we see ourselves and those around us, I had been looking forward to reading Stone’s book. I was not disappointed. She does a good job of talking about our bodies and health without falling into the trap of advocating a certain “perfect” body type. This book is also, thankfully, not a “devotional diet” book. I was happy to see her acknowledgement early in the book that the church as a whole has done little to combat (and at times has enabled) the damaging lies the media tells us about food’s relationship to our body.

One of the things I appreciated the most about the book is the inclusion of prayers and “points for action” at the end of each chapter. Stone provides tools for meaningful ways to integrate eating with joy into a daily practice. Especially refreshing is her honesty throughout the book in acknowledging that to eat with joy with a mind towards justice is not easy. Once you start looking into the food injustice in the world, it seems impossible to remove yourself entirely from complicity. The action points and blessings are starting points to work towards justice and joy in regards to food.”

There’s more. You can read it all here.

{An earlier version mistakenly called the reviewer ‘Nicole Brown.’ I apologize!}


2 thoughts on “Eat With Joy And Justice

  1. I must read your book! It will do my soul good. Hope I can order it directly, dodging the “evil empire”!

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