The Joy of Ranking High on the Food Chain.


ewjMy kids are proud of me for having written a book, especially when I showed them that their names are mentioned in the acknowledgements. Every time we read a prayer out of my book before eating, they’ll say, “that’s a good one, Mom!” It’s sweet, no doubt about that. And the other day one of my sons created this drawing as a joke. “Get it, mom? The big one is going to eat the little one with joy! He’s happy about it! Eat With Joy!

{How could I not share this?!}

6 thoughts on “The Joy of Ranking High on the Food Chain.

  1. One can only imagine how absolutely delighted I am with this! The expression on the wee one about to be eaten is priceless, as is the little “ha ha ha” that follows T-Rex’s crow of delight.

    I especially like the way he rendered the little one’s eye– it is a vertical dash rather than a dot, which is precisely how to express sadness or alarm in minimalist cartoons. And yet, because the head is looking up, the dash of course appears as a horizontal one in the drawing.


  2. So good, Rachel. And yes, there are many benefits of being high up on the food chain. For one thing, I don’t have to eat algae if I don’t want to. Earthworms either.

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