Nice People Saying Nice Things About Eat With Joy

I’m so grateful for the good words from diverse people about my new book. Here are just a few of them:

Brian D. McLaren (author, speaker and blogger at said:

 ”I’m not proud of this, but I didn’t start taking my eating habits seriously–or seeing them as part of my spiritual life–until I reached mid-life. I wish I’d started when I was in my twenties (or before), and I wish I’d had Eat with Joy as my guide. The beautiful mealtime prayers alone are worth the price of the book. A treasure for soul and body.”

 Tracey Bianchi, pastoral staff at Christ Church of Oak Brook and author of Mom Connection and Green Mama, said:

“This book made me hungry! Hungry for all that is good and beautiful about the art of gathering with others around a table. As a drive-thru mom I have struggled daily with my own connection to food for decades. Rachel helped me understand the true joy and gift of community, culture and a healthy connection to my food. It gave me nourishment, comfort and a deep understanding of the power of my kitchen table to heal and restore. A truly great read!”

Dr. Joel C. Hunter, senior pastor of Northland, A Church Distributed, said:

 ”This book is a remarkable spiritual and practical guide to God’s most basic gift. Rachel Marie Stone takes eating to a devotional level, where food becomes a part of our healing, our relationship building and our gratitude toward God. My joy in eating is now increased as I can better realize the meaning and purpose of food, and the relationships built around it.”

 Lisa Graham McMinn, author of Walking Gently on the Earth and Dirt and the Good Life, said:

“When Irma Rombauer published The Joy of Cooking she couldn’t have imagined we’d need to learn to eat with joy eighty years later. But we do. Stone offers the backstory of our current food woes and dilemmas along with hopeful and redemptive responses. And all the while she invites us toward a practical, joyful celebration of just, good food.”

{Now available for pre-order at Officially releases on March 1.}

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3 thoughts on “Nice People Saying Nice Things About Eat With Joy

  1. Rachel, I am not one who usually comments on things I read, but I must tell you what a joy and a life enhancing experience your writing is for me. I read your blog every day. You’ve made me think deeply about so many things. As a Christian who struggles with weight and health issues, food has become a list of “good” and “bad” so I am counting the days until I receive your book. What a blessing you are! God’s Peace to you and your family.

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