3 thoughts on “A Rainy Monday!

  1. Sunny as can be, now that the morning fog is lifting. A week or so back, though, we had a driving rain that revealed a weak spot in the roof, evidenced by a leak spot on our ceiling inside. (Hey, weak spot and leak spot rhyme!)

    I have to say that when I read your title The Carpenters immediately jumped into my head, and now they are squirming around in there like an earworm. I had to go to YouTube to find a recording in hopes of sating my musical mind and am listening to is as I write this comment now. Did your mom and dad play the song around the house when you were young? It actually goes back to our junior high school days (or mine anyway), but it was on their greatest hits album (The Singles: 1969-1973) that came out when I was in high school and everyone seemed to own it and play it incessantly.

    Now there’s an album with a top line-up of songwriting talent. In addition to Richard Carpenter and his usual songwriting partner John Bettis, the compilation includes songs by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, Carole King, Paul Williams, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Jimmy Griffin and Robb Royer (both of Bread), along with others. That’s a line-up that will make any rainy Monday easier to take.

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