5 thoughts on “Ethnic Minority

  1. I love it!

    As you well know, Grandpa was the minority (and in comparable proportion!) as a caseworker years ago. It was far and away one of the best parts of that job, and I’m not even sure why. Between my old neighborhood and time the military I was certainly accustomed to great diversity, but there was something very special about being very distinctly in the minority.

    It was a great experience which, brief though it was, enriched my life.

    But, of course, I had the advantage of being the minority in a workplace and community that were small parts of a much larger world in which the power is in the hands of people who look like me. It’s fun when there’s little or no price to pay.

  2. Great pic. I had to search to find your son buried in the crowd there.

    This reminds me of living in England and being part of a cultural minority. It’s not the same as skin color, but I sure felt like I was on the outside looking in an awful lot.

    1. But that feeling like an outsider looking in, when taken the right way, can be such a wonderful thing, right? What better preparation to best deal with the immigrants who are presented to us in our respective callings? To have walked in the shoes of the confused foreigner is so vital to our being able to help them find they way here.

      1. Right. It’s an experience that can prepare us for serving others as they navigate new places, new people, new ideas.

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