7 thoughts on “And Sometimes You Miss Home.

  1. It doesn’t seem to me like you’ve even skipped a beat. Knowing myself, if I moved to Malawi with my family, I’d cry for a week before I’d be coherent enough to write blog posts.

  2. You will naturally miss home after being here for two years but you will be fine with each passing day as you will be busy in the Lords work and with your family there. We are all with you and praying for you and your new adjustment. I have been shareing with our friends all about you out there in Africa and we all want to move there too. Love You Rachel

  3. Of course we miss you all here as well.

    And yet…

    Aidan’s description of his day today, running about in the yard (“with 20 friends!”) was absolutely delightful. It’s been far and away the best thing I’ve heard in weeks. Yet how strange it is that my grandchildren should have to go all the way to southeastern Africa to have a playtime that I can clearly recognize!

    Here they were somewhat trapped in an aging village, in an aging county, in an aging state, in an aging country. There they are surrounded by other kids– lots and lots of them! –even as we Boomers once were over here. Nor, I am sure, will their boyhood adventures be confined to tightly arranged “play dates” (still a odd concept for me). Rather you will see neighborhood kids wandering over, unannounced and blissfully unscheduled, to do whatever their ingenuity can devise with the simple things that are at hand.

    I’m reminded of our conversation about Aidan’s enjoyment of the Henry Huggins stories, and how they depict a childhood world that has largely disappeared. Maybe it really hasn’t. Maybe it’s just been moved.

  4. Extra blessings for you today from Mzuzu, and call anytime 🙂 Hope to make it down to see you guys soon! Rochelle

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