In Malawi!

Hello from Malawi! We have been here nearly a week and are still backward and upside down in our sleeping and thinking. I look forward to getting back into a regular rhythm of writing and blogging, because there’s so much to think and write about, as you can imagine. It’s a little bit crazy to wake up on Election Day in a small town in New York and then to hear the news of Mr. Obama’s reelection in South Africa, and then to finish the day in Blantyre, Malawi, but not before connecting with your mother on video chat.

It’s an amazingly connected world we live in, isn’t it?

Still, moving to a new country is exhausting, even when you are talking about moving between European countries (ask me about moving from Scotland to Germany!) and so I can’t say when I will be back to blogging regularly. I hope it will be soon!

For now, here is blurry picture from our front porch:


Fantastic stories and photos to follow!

4 thoughts on “In Malawi!

  1. We are happy for you and your family and it sounded as though things went well. I love connection through the computer. Have a wonderful day.

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