seriously, is strawberry shortcake a christian?

It’s time again for my favorite search terms collected over the past weeks:

“anything can be taken too far”

True enough. Witness the “Keep Calm and Blankety-Blank” thing. It was so cool, all vintage graphic and British chic. Now it’s just so not.

“essay to convincing people try your brand of junk food”

Read “Politics and the English Language” by George Orwell. That should help you on multiple fronts.

“toys getting skinnier”

Yes. Yes, they are. Read more here.

“i breastfeed my dad to save his life”

No you don’t. Please tell me you don’t.

“seriously, is strawberry shortcake a christian?”

Why not?

“spare gigures for poly pockets”

I’m so confused.

“i feel sad reading ecclesiastes”

You’re in good company.

“the wedding at cana is an example of women’s leadership empowerment”

Um, cool idea, but how, exactly?

“barbie and racell barbie a fairy secret having a food fight”

“how do these bizarre search terms lead people here?”

4 thoughts on “seriously, is strawberry shortcake a christian?

  1. Is it just me who had an urge to google “I breastfeed my dad to save his life?” Oh the horrors that await for the insatiably curious.

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