Everybody’s Trying To Change Somebody (or, What Google & Siri Can’t Tell You)

My friend Melissa posted this interesting, disturbing piece on Facebook. It compares what wives want from their husbands to what husbands want from their wives based on what they Google.

I thought I’d try the same things with children. What’s the difference between what we Google for our daughters versus what we Google for our sons and what we Google for our children in general?

First, daughters:

Then, sons:

Finally, children:

Are that many parents interested in getting their kids into modeling?

Are parents really as worried about how to get daughters to lose weight as how to get sons to read? Are parents twice as concerned about getting kids into modeling as they are about getting their IQs tested

And then I tried this: “how do I talk to…”

…and Google did this:

And “how to I protect my…”

Now, I realize that this is an unscientific way to see what people are after, but still, I wonder…what if we spent more time talking to and protecting ONE ANOTHER–including our children–than trying to “get” one another do or be something else?

Maybe there are just some questions Google and Siri can’t answer.

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5 thoughts on “Everybody’s Trying To Change Somebody (or, What Google & Siri Can’t Tell You)

  1. Does the fact that talking to God comes third while Siri comes first mean that more people are interested in talking to Siri than God, or that more people already know how to relate to God than how to relate to Siri? Inquiring minds want to know!


    P.S. Can we get a grant for another double-blind study on this perhaps?

    • I would suggest we form a counter-revolution, but we’d probably have to use social media to organize it. Oh well, back to my Luddite-cave.

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