Almost As Much Fun As Root Canal

So the thing about getting a new job with great dental insurance that happens to require traveling to tropical regions is that you end up spending a lot of time under the medical gaze. In the last week, I’ve had:

  • a dental checkup/cleaning/x-rays
  • a physical
  • blood drawn
  • pediatric appointments (4 total)
  • root canal*
  • 2 immunizations

But, hey! I have insurance, so it’s all good.

Except my mouth hurts. And so does my arm. Only some time on the beach will help.

*because I am quite zealous for dental hygiene and also for blaming other people when possible, I feel that I must point out that I needed root canal RE-treatment for a badly done root canal I had when I was 20 years ago; that is, WHEN I WAS TEN. I was running upstairs on New Year’s Eve to get one of my awesome slap bracelets when I fell and hit my chin on my dresser, cracking one of my lower teeth in half. We had to drive an hour to the Hamptons where some on-call dentist appeared in his tuxedo to do an emergency root canal. Apparently he was already hitting the cocktails pretty hard because the root canal was really crappily executed, which no one realized until a good fourteen years later, when the darn thing had abscessed. ANYWAY! It’s going to be okay now. I think.

All this is to say: I’m not writing a real post today. 😉

2 thoughts on “Almost As Much Fun As Root Canal

  1. Oh what a time you have been having, so sorry but you did the blog just the same. You are an awesome girl.

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