Do YOU Know the Name of Alexander the Great’s Horse?

I don’t either.

But my six year old son does, and it’s not because I’ve drilled him on it or anything.

It’s because of Susan Wise Bauer’s The Story of The World audiobooks.

We’re very relaxed homeschoolers, which mostly means that my kids have a lot of time to play Legos. But ever since Aidan was 4 and listened to E.B. White read Charlotte’s Web, he’s been hooked on audiobooks. Now Graeme is 4 and is conversant with all kinds of books that are not age-appropriate. They listen and build; build and listen. It works for us.

Anyway, I’m not holding us up as an example or anything (who KNOWS what my kids will say about their early education in years to come!) but I do want to suggest that you check out this series (Peace Hill Press website is here). Jim Weiss’ voice is reason enough to listen.

(And then, if anyone asks, you can tell them that Alexander’s horse was named Bucephalus.)

4 thoughts on “Do YOU Know the Name of Alexander the Great’s Horse?

  1. Awesome that they are into lit beyond their years! Maybe I think it’s so great because I was the same way back then.


    P.S. I knew the horse’s name but that’s only because I saw The Black Stallion when it first came out, and the opening scenes relate the story of Bucephalus. Hollywood is good for something I guess.

    1. These are great books! Erin, yes, there is a print version. You should be able to find them if you search for the title online.

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