What Are That Things Which Do Not Eat??

Oh, this always makes me way too happy: favorite search terms from the last month. Their search terms in bold. My remarks in plain type.

“what happens if a child does not have a medicare card and he falls on an excursion and cuts his hand and the cut requires stitches?”

you are going to have to pay roughly $500 per stitch. Unless you’re in Canada. Or France. Or Cuba, for that matter.

“see under morton salt skirt”


“do we have to brush our teeth before talking to god”

depends which god. Pretty sure Odin had no room to complain about your dragon breath.

“government influence on donuts”

okay, now you’re just paranoid.

“get larger breasts naturally leave a comment”

no comment.

“when healthy eating becomes unhealthy”


“is it true that happiness without eating food can make me fat”

pretty sure that happiness is fat-free

during stone what are that things which do not eat??

now I’m just confused…

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