Summer Without Regrets

This is the third summer I’ve been back ‘home’ in Greenport, and because it will probably be my last (for a while; don’t start crying, mom!) I’m determined to enjoy every bit of it.

Which, around here, means this:

and this:

and some of this:

Even though I grew up (partly) here–with these beaches just 5, 10, and 15 minutes away–I didn’t always spend a lot of time at the beach, and toward the end of every summer, I’d regret that I hadn’t spent more time there.

This summer, I’m determined to have no regrets.

What makes a regret-free summer for you?


2 thoughts on “Summer Without Regrets

  1. A regret-free summer includes lots of time at the pool, seeing people I don’t get to see during the busy school year, walking outside around the lake, and yoga. Lots of yoga. And repeat.

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