I’ll Be Doing Some Hard Travelin’…

One more thing about health care! No, just kidding.*

We’re hitting the road, folks! The family and I are beginning our Malawi adventure…

…by going to Pittsburgh.

No, really! We’re going to the Presbyterian Church (USA) 220th General Assembly!

(You will actually be able to watch a live streaming video feed here. If you hear a noisy child disturbing the peace during a particularly serene moment of worshipful meditation, it’s probably one of mine.)

Then we’re going to Kentucky, but, alas, going to the fair is not on the agenda.

And then we’ll be going back to Pennsylvania for the New Wilmington Mission Conference.

So I’ll be sort of, but not really, gone from the blog for most of July. There will be guest posts. There will be re-posts. There will be sensational summer recipes and, possibly, updates on marvelous Presbyterian goings-on. With any luck, you will experience no interruption in service…but there may be re-runs. Also known as ‘vintage’ posts. Ahem.

Oh, yes, and if you would like to be on the mailing list for our quarterly (ish) newsletter from Malawi, please email my fantastic husband at TJStone21 AT aol DOT com.

No spam; I promise. Just stories and pictures from Malawi.

(And though my phone is not one of the smart ones, I can tweet from my Kindle, so if you wanna, follow me @Rachel_M_Stone.)

*What, are you kidding? Of course I wasn’t kidding. I never stop talking about healthcare. Except when I’m talking about food. Or placentas. Or maternal health.

A few Good Things:

  • FactCheck.org (always a good resource) has a nice explanation of relative truth/falsehood of various partisan claims about the Affordable Care Act.
  • Nice breakdown of what the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will actually do and when, including the implementation of modest tax increases for the wealthiest Americans–here. (Taking away your toy guns and mandating your children to brush their teeth is not on the agenda.)
  • The Washington Post reports on the reactions of various religious groups to the ruling(some were sad, some were mad, and some were very, very glad.)
  • A great piece in the NYT from an economist at Cornell pointed out that “to claim the right not to buy health insurance is thus to assert a right to impose enormous costs on others.” For me, that rings true and kinda jives with that whole “love thy neighbor thing.”
  • but Oprah must get the final word:

One thought on “I’ll Be Doing Some Hard Travelin’…

  1. The trip sounds wonderful and exhausting. Everyone should make naptime a high priority!

    One thing about health care that I was thinking about over the last day or so is how it compares to education. Education is largely left up to the states, but the federal government heavily regulates the field and if states refused to provide publicly funded education I wonder if the feds would hesitate to step in? Also, while occasionally one hears of people complaining about having to pay taxes to send other folk’s kids to school that is generally met with the response that education is a public good and the cost should be borne generally.

    This analogy probably breaks down; every analogy does. Is not the comparison apt, though?


    P.S. Just emailed Tim for the Malawi mailing list.

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