Some Early and Good Words About My Book

You can now pre-order my book on the InterVarsity Press website, and there’s even some kind words about it there from Norman Wirzba, author of Food and Faith and professor at Duke Divinity School. I’ve featured his work before on the blog, and he has also written the Foreword to my book!

“Christian faith and life have always been deeply and inextricably bound up with eating. But Christians have not always appreciated this. What a joy then to have the gift of this book by Rachel Marie Stone. In prose that is inviting, nonjudgmental and inspiring, Stone shows us that we can eat with joy, and in such eating extend God’s love in the world. By combining stories, recipes, biblically based reflection and numerous practical tips, Stone helps us move more deeply into the mystery and the grace that eating is. Prepare to receive a blessing.”

{Thanks, Norman!}

4 thoughts on “Some Early and Good Words About My Book

  1. I was trying for prose that was “snooty, judgmental, and discouraging.” But I’ll settle for “inviting, nonjudgmental and inspiring.”


    Congrats big time, Rachel!


    P.S. Your son looks like he dove deep into food bliss with that strawberry. Know what he means. Love me my strawberries.

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