Live on the Radio in South Africa & An Earnest Defense of Sarcasm

Last Sunday night I had the pleasure of speaking with Kate Turkington of Believe it or Not, a top talk radio show in South Africa. (Go figure, right?) Anyway, it was really fun. I was a bit terrified–this being my first live, as opposed to taped, radio interview–but Kate had (apparently) read quite a bit of this blog and my bio and had some great questions.


She even asked about NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed ban on sugary drinks that are larger than 16 oz! We talked about cupcakes for birthdays in school, obesity, the Obamas’ dinner habits, halal & kosher, and more. I felt surprisingly comfortable speaking with her.

Maybe you can listen to it here. I can’t seem to figure it out, so let me know if you do!

I DO know that that you can read my latest her.meneutics post–“In Defense of Sarcasm”–here. And here’s a taste:

When I was 10, helping my father—the pastor—to prepare for a baptism, I’d hop into the baptismal pool and give a dramatic, Unshackled-style before-and-after testimony, complete with tears, a Damascus road moment, and a changed life. At 15, I’d intone pious-sounding nonsense in what I called my “Christian talk-radio woman” voice. It was a revelation when I discovered the now-defunct Wittenburg Door, a religious satire magazine, and I watched Saturday Night Live—church lady and all—with guilty, absorbed pleasure, though, in fact, my rather conservative parents were not bothered by my love for satire. If anything, they encouraged it, enjoying the irony the first time I was interviewed on Christian talk-radio: now I really was a Christian woman voice on the radio.

As I said, go figure, right?

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