“the best food money can’t buy.”

I was intrigued to read this week of a huge new Utah storehouse for taking care of Mormons and others in times of natural disasters.

{source: Deseret News}

From The Christian Century:

“Since its inception, the LDS Church has viewed looking after its members’ well-being as part of its core mission. During the Great Depression, when unemployment ran 30 percent among members, the church formalized its welfare system. It opened the first regional storehouse in 1937 in Salt Lake City and began to buy orchards, farms and cattle ranches to provide commodities to redistribute to those in need.

The church buys many items it keeps on hand today at the storehouse — from wheelchairs to sugar and rice. But the system works much the same way it did at its start: It begins with a call from a Mormon bishop seeking help either for his congregants or his community.”

Read it all here.

Read a general (wiki) piece on the LDS tradition of storehouses here.

Have a beautiful weekend! Peace.

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