Overeating is not the Cause of Obesity

This week I really enjoyed this profile of Boston University biochemist Barbara Corkey, whose research on food additives’ effect on insulin production challenges what’s pretty much orthodox in the science world: that weight gain comes down to calories, plain and simple.

“I don’t believe that overeating causes obesity,” says Corkey flatly. “During my lifetime I have seen tremendous differences in food preparation and food packaging….When that novelty is associated with an increase in obesity and diabetes, is it rocket science to ask whether these things are related?”

The piece is well written and intriguing not only for what it suggests about obesity, but for its depiction of the tenacious and very bright Dr. Corkey. Read it all here.

Enjoy this first weekend of Spring!

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One thought on “Overeating is not the Cause of Obesity

  1. Interesting link, Rachel. I was fearful at first that she was relying on complete post hoc ergo proptor hoc, but she admits that her metabolic research is still just exploring a hypothesis and that she has not yet actually found a connection between modern food processing/packaging and obesity. It may end up being overeating/underactivity that causes obesity after all.


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