And Another One Down

This little guy is sick now. Because he certainly would never fall asleep on a kitchen chair without something being wrong with him:


This virus seems to enjoy attacking people in the afternoon/evening so that it can keep them (and their parents) up ALL NIGHT VOMITING.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a tutorial on making Rachel’s Delicious Cure-All–Chicken Soup–but for now we need a little extra rest and a few more cuddles.

{Good thing we have plenty of blankies.}

Stay well, dear readers–Spring is on its way!

4 thoughts on “And Another One Down

  1. Hi Rachel!

    I am so sorry that it has struck your family. This virus, it seems endless and discouraging. I hope you do not get ill! It cycled through my family a couple of times.

    1. Oh no! You guys have had it too? Ugh. Not fun at all! Thank God, Graeme is already getting better…

  2. Yay for Graeme feeling better already! And that picture is sure a keeper, even if it does show him in his prevomit fever.

    Praying for recovery and health and strength for the whole fam.


  3. So sorry to hear this, poor kid, but he is so cute sleeping on the chair. Hope he feels better really soon and none of you catch it, enough is enough. God be with you all.

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