“People like you are why everyone thinks good food is elitist!”

For your weekend reading pleasure I insist that you read Tracie McMillan’s wonderful piece, “9 Things You’ve Never Heard About America’s Food.”  Here’s a taste:

“It drove me mad when I started to hear foodies wax rhapsodic over local produce, going on to imply, not-so-subtly, that to buy it was a measure of character and moral standing. I grew up eating processed food during the week, fresh stuff on weekends–that’s how it works when you’re being raised by a working, single dad–but that didn’t mean my family didn’t care about food; it was just what was easiest. And the families I now reported on? They cared about their meals and health, but they were mostly eating what was easy–readily available, affordable, tasty. My family and the ones I reported on weren’t immoral. We were just broke and stressed.”

Read it all here! And then get Tracie’s book!

3 thoughts on ““People like you are why everyone thinks good food is elitist!”

  1. WOW!! So much new info! It relieved some of my guilt to read that you cannot eat a balanced diet by eating only local food. I’ve struggled with this in the winter time and the early spring when I don’t have my CSA share. Still not sure what is best to do, but at least I’m not doing something “wrong” that I can’t eat only local on the off season.

    Interesting comparison to the French,too, in light of the “French parents are superior” book recently out. Easier to concentrate on parenting and providing food in that economy?

  2. Also, the lack of access poor people have to good food reminds me of an interesting arctile about food deserts in last month’s issue of Organic Gardening.

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