Hard Travelin’

Oh, it looks like I haven’t been gone, but in fact I’ve been doing some traveling, which, I am happy to report, included some very, very good eating at this restaurant.

And I don’t care which side Kentucky was on in the Civil War (well, I do, but whatever), but any state in which people can rhyme “hard” with “tired” is Southern.

Too bad we weren’t there in the right season for bourbon balls.

5 thoughts on “Hard Travelin’

    1. Ha! That IS awesome! Of course, my NY accent makes them even further from a rhyme than “standard” American…hARRD and TIE-ERD!

  1. I read through the dinner menu for Saffron, and now my mouth is watering! I love food that stretches along that belt that stretches the length of the Mediterranean (African and European sides), through the Middle East, along South Central Asia and into Southeast Asia and on to the Pacific Islands. In fact, there’s an Afghan place I go to here that’s just a little hole in the wall but it’s lunch buffet is amazing.

    Is there anything better than naan with a little curry sauce to dip it in? Yum!


    P.S. Even though I’m California born and bred, I rhyme hard with tired all the time. Must be the fact that my Dad was a kid on a cattle ranch back in the days before WW2 and had us watching westerns while we were growing up. One of my favorite phrases after a long day on my feet: my dawgs are taard. Those who know it get it. Those who don’t may never understand.

    1. I’m so amused that you read through the menu! What I had was not on the menu…but it ROCKED–a barely grilled rack of lamb. I love almost-raw meat.

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