This week I really enjoyed Brittany Tuttle’s piece at the Christianity Today blog for women, about how blogs, Facebook, et. al, DO NOT equal the whole picture.

Does this sound familiar:

“Countless times I’ve logged onto Facebook, Twitter, or my favorite blogs only to see vintage-filtered vignettes of other people’s seemingly perfect lives. There are my friends, on tropical vacation (again). There are my favorite bloggers, wearing artsy duds, sitting in their homes that look like exact replications of the Anthropologie catalog. And there are their children, perpetually glossy-haired and rosy-cheeked and smiling.

Meanwhile, here I sit in my untidy home in the cold of January, wearing an old college t-shirt. My kids are fighting in the background. Reading these blogs, seeing these profiles, often feels like browsing a fashion magazine. It’s fun to look at, but afterward I feel inferior and inadequate and ugly and fat.”

That? Right there? That captures it so well. I went through a period of real distress before I realized that no, I do not have to have five kids and live on a farm in Maine and grow and preserve all my own food and either knit or sew new slipcovers/cushions/quilts/cozies for everything and raise pigs just because SouleMama does and looks darn cute doing it and it seems like her kids are always peaceful and empathetic and never screaming or creating mayhem (like mine are.)

I think all blogs, maybe even this one, should have bold disclaimers:


I won’t give away Brittany’s grace-filled conclusion. It’s worth going over to read the whole post for yourself.

Enjoy the weekend! I will see you on Monday!


  1. Regarding your “Maine” sentence: yes. Brittany mentioned that it speaks a little of jealousy to want what everyone else has, without stopping to ask (a) is that something I REALLY want and (b) is this desire beneficial. It definitely works out envy in me. My thought is often, “Anything SHE can do, I can do better.” Which sentiment is not actually true, just blustery. Three out of five times come around to the fact that I don’t really want *whatever-it-is* in the first place. I just want to compete. As for the other two times, I try to sort through ways to adjust my habits and routines in order to encourage good things that I actually DO want. Good post by Brittany, and thanks for sharing it here. Your title is a useful motto to carry around the fb/blogosphere.

    1. From what I have seen you are doing a super job taking care of your family and your home. You cook and you can your very own vegetables and the list goes on. You amaze me, home school your children as well. So with out a maid how can your home be perfect which I believe we see only in magazines anyway.

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