Some Good Eating Reading

Ah, the weekend!

Instead of posting my own writing on Saturdays, I’m going to feature a post or two from other blogs.

This week I loved my  friend Ellen’s post–“5 Reasons I’m Ignoring Your Healthy Eating Advice,”  and not only because she has some kind words about this blog. In this post, Ellen gets right at the heart of what I think of when I consider what’s most important about food; why I think it’s so important to eat with joy–

“…good eating is about what we eat as well as how, when, where, why, and with whom eat. Good eating involves enjoying the full range of foods that God has given us and the amazingly varied ways that we humans have invented to prepare them, from simple roasted vegetables or seasoned rice to elaborate dessert confections.”

Go read it all here.

{I’m no longer going to be posting on Sundays. See you on Monday, readers!}

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