Awkward Food

So, my mom, being one of those responsible NPR listeners who contributes to her local NPR station as a way to say “thank you” for all the wonderful programming public radio provides, got a “thank you gift” from NPR in the form of a ScanCafe box. We’ve been going through old photographs and come across some real howlers. And for you, I’ve decided to post all the awkward (or at least silly, or cute) pictures we found that involve food in some way.

And so without further ado:

The Bread BasketBaby Glucose RushI’m going to take you home and eat you, you Wabbit!I had a rough night at the pub the night before my party…

(in reality, an unfortunate run-in with my nighttable)

Sugar Lips

{c’mon, Daddy, give us a kiss!}one bite for the hamster, one bite for meWe are gonna have fun tonight, Grandma!At that time we lived in Bellerose, NY. Get it? Bell-rose?

Chug-chug that Diet Coke! {Blech.}

Here’s to the sharing the awkwardness!

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