Christ Kitchen = Christ’s Kitchen?

The other day I was inspired and encouraged I read about Christ Kitchen–a Spokane-based work and empowerment program for low-income women, founded by Jan Martinez–here.

{this video is only a bit over a minute long}

In an interview, Jan Martinez said this:

“When I began researching Christian traditions dealing with poverty, hospitality was bringing to the table people who could never repay you and in every other setting would never sit at the same table with the wealthy. The Christians put them at the table and fellowship happened around food. And this is what we find with the volunteers who come (to Christ Kitchen) from churches all over town. They bring food every Thursday, and we all share a meal. It’s creating a sense we can really be a community that transcends barriers of race, class and socioeconomic status.”


{you can visit Christ Kitchen online here.}

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