Rachel Marie Stone


I’m the author of Eat With Joy: Redeeming God’s Gift of Food, published by InterVarsity Press in February, 2013.

Click here to access the publisher’s page where you can also download a press kit.

Here are ten reasons you or someone you know might like to read my book. And here are ten more just for good measure.

(You can buy it from the publisher, at Hearts & Minds Books, Amazon, Powell’s, Barnes and Noble, Christianbook.com, or wherever it is you buy books. And if you’re not the book-buying type, you can ask your library to stock it.)

I’m also the author of a book about Jesus for children called The Unexpected Way. It’s the third in a series launched by Peter Enns. The publisher is Olive Branch Books, a division of Peace Hill Press, which produces quality educational materials for children.

I’m a regular contributor to Christianity Today’s popular women’s blog, Her.meneutics, and serve on the editorial board for Christianity Today.

My writing has appeared (and reappears) in places like Christianity TodaySojourners, Books & Culture, The Huffington Post, The Christian Century, RELEVANTCatapult, The Suffolk Times, PRISM, The Progressive Christian, Creation Care Magazine, and Flourish Magazine; one of my essays appears in Bella DePaulo‘s book Singlism, in the brand-new Talking Taboo: American Christian Women Get Frank About Faith, and in the forthcoming devotional book for folks who generally dislike devotional books, Disquiet Time.

I tweet @rachel_m_stone, and one day in October 2013 I started what briefly became the #1 trend on Twitter: #AddaWordRuinAChristianBook. It was very funny while it lasted, and I’m telling you this because where else am I going to brag about such a pointless and ephemeral thing?


I live in Malawi (that’s in south-central Africa) with my husband, Tim, who is a lecturer in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible at Zomba Theological College (basically, a seminary) where I also teach writing. We have two Lego-obsessed boys.

My masthead is indeed a sideways picture of me holding a blanket I made, with my signature wild tights peeking out from the bottom. I made this blanket out of scraps of old jeans, and I think that writing is often like that blanket–scraps we’ve taken from things gathered here and there, patched together into something that’s useful, and maybe even comforting.

Still have questions? Get in touch with me through my Facebook page or by sending me a tweet! Or you could always leave a comment. ;)

Photo credit: Lisa Beth Anderson/Spark + Tumble (www.lbanderson.com)

Photo credit: Lisa Beth Anderson/Spark + Tumble (www.lbanderson.com)


24 thoughts on “Rachel Marie Stone

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  2. Exciting blog. Bauckham told me about it. I used to teach at St Mary’s. Like you I’m concerned with food and have a chapter on food in Ecology of the NT and am doing short booklet and have a short article coming out in October. I’m told you’re writing a popular book on food and theology. I imagine you’ve read Wirzba’s new book. Best wishes in your work

    • great to hear from you, Mark! I really like Wirzba’s new book; my review of it will be in Books & Culture soon. I’m interested in your chapter on food in that book and will look forward to your booklet!

  3. I have just found your blog by way of Pat P. Congrats on your new book to be. Its enjoyable to see the boys and you two. I still keep those Stones in my prayers. Your happiness is contaigous…..Snow here tonight–(hope it melts by morning), my petunias don’t like it! Love to you all.

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  5. Hi, Rachel! I came across your blog very recently upon recommendation from a friend. I’m so glad I did! We have similar food and living philosophies, I have one son (almost 6 months old), and I, too, have a husband named Tim who works in Biblical studies. I’ve really enjoyed reading from your site so far. I’m looking forward to joining you in your journey!

  6. Hi Rachel. I hope it’s all right to contact you like this. Anyway, Mike Morrell and I really appreciate your blog, and think you’d be an excellent candidate for our Speakeasy Blogger Network. Do you like to review off-the-beaten path faith, spirituality, and culture books? Speakeasy puts interesting books in your hands at no charge to you. You only get books when you request them, and it’s free to join. Sign up here, if you’d like: //thespeakeasy.info

    You’re not on any contact lists, I promise; if you don’t respond, that’s it, and the invitation is open as long as you’re actively blogging. Hope you join us!

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  8. Liked your review of The Midwife of Hope River. As you probably guess, Patricia Harman the author is a bleeding heart liberal. Defender of all. Lover of all. I love what you said at the top of your blog Faith and Family; Justice, Joy, Bread of Life.

    Guess who. Patricia Harman, author and midwife!
    (Like the guy who strictly enforces your copyright too. Real scary dude.)

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  10. Hi Rachel,
    I googled something, which led to a page, which led to another, and then to an article about you that mentioned you lived in Malawi and my ‘ears’ pricked up because I spent 5 years of my childhood in Lilongwe! Just wanted to say ‘hi’ :) Alison

  11. Hi Rachel,
    I’m with the non-commercial Pilgrim Radio Network, Christian radio with 9 FM stations serving parts of 5 western states and streaming at pilgrimradio.com. I produce a daily, recorded interview program called “His People” and wonder if you’d like to do an interview (25 minutes, recorded on the phone) tomorrow – Wednesday – about your article “Remembering Edith Schaeffer” (plus I’d also like to ask about “Eat with Joy”). Since you’re 9 hours ahead of us (we’re in pacific time), would you be able to do the interview early eveningish (7 or 7:30pm your time)? Thanks for considering it. God bless.

    Bill Feltner
    Pilgrim Radio Network

  12. Rachel, I just got your book for my birthday, and I’m excited about reading it. I’ve been following your blog for a couple months, and I love your blend of stories and thought provoking messages. Thanks for writing.

    I came across this today, and it made me think of your blog, wondering if you have seen it: //divinity.duke.edu/summoned

  13. Rachel Marie: I have been most impressed with your writing, especially your food articles … and not just because you said good things about my book. I have ordered your new book and look forward to reading it. Keep writing and eating good food. And consider “liking” The Food and Feasts of Jesus on Facebook.

  14. Hi Rachel! I just met you today in Zomba at the Birthday-cum-Celebration party and I said I would check your writing online. So you are/were a Professor of nutrition as well? How interesting. I will try to get your book one day about “Eat With Joy: Redeeming God’s Gift of Food”. Now here is the biggest surprise of the day. I have actually read your contributions to Her.meneutics before and, of course, didn’t realize I had met you in person. How awesome is that? What a small world. God bless you. I hope we can keep in touch.

    Thoko Phiri

  15. No wonder I liked your post so much, Rachel! I’ve spent the bulk of my 9 year marriage living in the Horn of Africa and smiled big when I saw you are in Malawi. (Never been there but never know what the future holds.) My blog also uses the same theme (I think? I’m so novice at blogging it’s painful to even try to use the right words.) as yours. Obviously, we are long-lost sisters. Well, if not that, I’m at least grateful to run across another ex-pat writing from Africa with a sense of humor I can really appreciate.

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  18. Just read your beautifully written and thoughtful obit of Father Robert Capon in the Christianity Today. It was lovely. Thank you!

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  20. I just read your article about eating with joy in the current Homelife..what a refreshing and reasonable perspective on how to eat and how we should have a relationship to food.I’m kind of like your mother.I read of some ideal diet and decide it will revolutionize my life but then get discouraged at the cost, the inconvenience, or that my family wants nothing to do with my ways of eating so I get upset and feel like its a total wash and go eat a truckload of junk…jeesh…it doesnt have to be so complicated andv stressful!! Thanks for the eye opener. .take care

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