Ten Reasons You (or Someone You Know) Might Like to Read My Book

I’ve recently received word from InterVarsity Press that my book is now in print, and will soon be shipping from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other places where books are sold–like the wonderful Hearts & Minds bookstore. As the book launches, I’ll be sharing excerpts and reviews in this space. If you think people you know would be interested in reading this book, would you consider sharing these posts? And if my book sounds good to you, but you aren’t in the position to be buying books just now, would you ask your local library if they’d be willing to purchase it?


Today, here are ten reasons why you—or someone you know—might like to read this book.

You might like to read this book if…

10. …you are dismayed by stories of abuse and maltreatment of the people who produce your food.

9.     …you don’t know about the abuse and maltreatment of the people who produce your food.

  1. …you are more likely to associate the word “chocolate cake” with words like “guilt” or “sinful” instead of words like “pleasure” and “celebration.”
  1. …you are weary of diets, including diets that are purportedly aimed at ‘optimal health’ rather than weight loss

6.   …you are obsessed with diets.

  1. …you are concerned about the American “obesity epidemic” or you are concerned about all the fuss about the American “obesity epidemic.”
  1. …you are worried about the environmental effects of the American way of eating
  1. …you, or someone you love, has struggled with a full blown eating disorder, like bulimia or anorexia–or, you, or someone you love, has struggled with an eating disorder that doesn’t seem to fall into any official category, but is worrisome all the same.
  1. …you appreciate good food but are weary of the snobbish “foodie” culture
  1. …you’d like to find peace and pleasure and communion with God and others at the table, but aren’t sure how to do that in today’s busy world—or if it’s even worth the effort.
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13 thoughts on “Ten Reasons You (or Someone You Know) Might Like to Read My Book

  1. Awesome. Incidentally, my husband and I know Byron Borger (of Hearts and Minds) fairly well. He provides/sells all the books for our campus ministry organization, the CCO. He’ll be at Jubilee too — unfortunately your book won’t be out by then! Sounds like I’ll want to get myself a copy though, and get a copy for my best friend. Will there be a Kindle edition?

  2. Of all the Amazon.com boxes that have landed at our back door–and there have been quite a few! –this one will by far be the most eagerly awaited ever.

    And I got to watch you write this book, right here in, ahem, “crazy house.” I can’t wait…

  3. I just ran (literally!) over to the Floyd Memorial Library to donate a copy. They all say “hi,” and that they miss you. Lisa said that she’s very proud of you, and will put it in the collection right away.

    Right about now I feel like George does when kid brother Harry gets the CMH (and before Uncle Billy misplaces the money)…

  4. I’ll definitely be looking out for it. I’ve been thinking a bit about how to deliberately enjoy food without it becoming unhealthy comfort eating so sounds like the book should be good food for thought

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